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Machine Vision is the most popular technology used in production processes. Vision systems can inspect up to thousands of products per minute and catch defective ones before they reach the customer. Machine Vision solutions increase quality, productivity and production efficiency, and help optimize production costs. Because of their versatility, vision systems can be used in any industry. However they are most commonly used in the automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, packaging and food industries. We offer implementation of Machine Vision technology to enterprises that want to automate production processes and prepare for Industry 4.0.


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Explore the project lifecycle and consider projects from a holistic perspective. 

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Visuelle gathered the most talented and brave professionals who have no fear in visual design and marketing sphere!

Machine Vision is one of the most challenging projects in my work. I always rely on the expertise of our experts to carry out the brand's social media communication in order to provide the audience with valuable and proven content.
Paula Dokowicz - Social Media Specialist (GaMP)
Working on Machine Vision was an incredible challenge for me at first. I am still learning and getting to know this industry, which, as you can see, is the future of our civilisation, every day.
Aleksandra Duło - Marketing Manager (GaMP)
More and more companies focus on improving the quality of its manufactured goods. One of a method to achieve this is of course Machine Vision. Advanced cameras alongside algorithms can detect defects more precisely than human eyes. Developing solutions to the problems we face during work is amazing adventure that helps me to improve my skills in various directions. It's a pleasure to be a part of projects which brings to our life better products.
Kacper Lewandowki - Full Stack Developer (GaMP)
Machine Vision is an interesting project that is developing very quickly in many directions. Owing to working on this project, I was able to face many challenges that were finally successfully completed. While implementing various topics related to Machine Vision, I am convinced that the human eye can see much less than cameras. Working on this project is not boring, on the contrary - exciting 🙂
Szymon Czapniewski - Full Stack Developer (GaMP)

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