We invest in development

Investment in new technologies is nothing new. That’s what the biggest companies do  – Google, IBM, etc. We may not have such great budgets at hand as the Players mentioned before, however we still can offer something to enter new fields. That includes our time. If you consider working for our company, I encourage you to invest in new skills. Several hours a week spend on learning IoT or Artificial Intelligence together will bring great benefits for both you and us.

IoT Internet of Things

IoT, that is Internet of Things is our key field. IoT has been gaining more and more popularity recently. What is it exactly? To put it simple, it is connecting all the devices (sensors, biosensors) designed by us into a network which is possible by means of those devices.

IoT is currently a highly increasing topic. It has been estimated that in 2020 only this market will grow by another 30% and the tendency will sustain up to 2025. If you want to check yourself and start learning IoT you are pretending to our team. As a gold Microsoft Partner we have tools to program this kind of solutions. Part of the implementation can be performed even without deep programming knowledge. Appropriate creators are enough. And if you haven’t used such tools before, you should try.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Finding data patterns, i.e. Machine Learning and AI are technologies which we will be developing in GaMP-Group. What obviously follows? Strongly connected robotics! We think these branches are the future – that is why we rely on them.

Currently large corporations spend their R&D funds on developing so called machine learning in a way our company invests in implementing bots on our websites.

Machine learning is one of the most important fields of artificial intelligence. To put it simple, it means software which is able to learn and develop itself. And it is only the beginning.

Augmented Reality

VR and Augmented Reality technology are the domain of GaMP Ltd. Although it may seem that VR has currently stopped being on top, the technology is more and more frequently used for specific solutions such as interior design. Augmented Reality allows to see in the real time what a given solution will look like after the implementation.






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